Today the Texas Senate passed a bill that will require some Welfare applicants to take a drug test before they can get access to benefits. Senator Jane Nelson, my new hero and the bill's sponsor, said this of the bill: "Taxpayer money should not be used to subsidize someone's drug habit."

Should Idaho adopt a similar measure?

Under the new bill not all applicants would be drug tested, but all would be required to undergo a screening assessment to determine their risk of drug use. Anyone with a previous felony drug conviction, or failed drug test, or who is otherwise deemed a high risk for drug use would be tested.

Applicants who test positive would be barred from collecting benefits for 12 months. They could reapply in six months if they complete a substance abuse program. Three failed drug tests would result in a permanent ban.

Unfortunately even if a welfare applicant fails the drug test and has children, they will still be able to collect Welfare for their children. Senator Nelson claims she's doing this so not to "punish the children," but it actually creates a loop hole where an addict can still get Welfare in Texas.

I hate to sound like a terrible person, but don't give the addict money. Take the kids away.

I fully believe that Idaho, and all the other states, should adopt a similar measure for Welfare applicants. We should not allow Welfare to subsidize someone's drug habit!

The point of the Welfare program is to help people through times of need, so they can get back on their feet and get a job again, but today we find entire families "scamming" the system far too often and living off of it.

We can't allow these people to collect Welfare and get high while we work our butts off to pay for it!

(via Fox News)

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