The Shoshone Police Department is asking for anyone's help who may know who started a fire in the city park bathrooms. The incident happened yesterday afternoon, July 7th, around 2:40 p.m.

According to the City of Shoshone Police Department Facebook page, the Shoshone City Park bathrooms were set on fire by some vandals in the area. The damage is pretty substantial based on the photos that were shared.

Their Facebook page also stated that Mayor Pierson, Shoshone City Council members and Chief Smith pooled some money together so there is a monetary reward for anyone with information on who did this and lead to their arrest.

This is not the first time the park has been vandalized, even recently. The city is looking to put cameras around the park so it would be easier for them to catch people like this who decide to waste tax payers money by destroying property.

I have never understood vandalizing places like parks. I have never understood vandalism in any way but parks are meant for families. These people are really just taking something beautiful, and maybe even depriving others from having memories like they had growing up in the area. If you know anything about the people responsible, remember there is a monetary reward and you would be doing a good deed for the community. Contact Shoshone Police with any information you may have.

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