One of my favorite places in Buhl is the Clear Springs Fish Hatchery. Clear Springs Foods, Inc has created a great family park area, and features a man-made lake with a special viewing area where you can see several species of trout and a massive Lake Sturgeon.

My four year old son Jack absolutely loves the Clear Springs Fish Hatchery. Jack loves playing in the park, in the stream that runs through it, and especially the underwater viewing area where you can peer into the lake to see the trout and sturgeon.

When we visited recently the water clarity was perfect and the sturgeon, which has to be at least six feet long, made four or five closes passes right in front of the viewing window. It was incredible! I actually managed to get photos of Jack and the sturgeon!

The Clear Springs Fish Hatchery is a few minutes outside of Buhl, has no admission fee, and is really spectacular. I encourage everyone to head out to see the sturgeon!

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