If you NEED a house immediately, you may be making some serious payments. Right now, prices are high. If you can go somewhere other than California, good things may come to you.

Beware: Consider These Scary Thoughts Before Buying a Home in California

Scary ideas about buying a home are price, inventory, and days on the market. If you look at the scariest housing markets, California wins out in a big way.

The only city in Idaho to even hit the top 200 is Boise at #56. Could be that Boise is the only city with enough people to rank, but we’ll take the win. Salt Lake City is the only city from Utah to hit the list coming in at #132. The biggest problem with moving to Salt Lake City is having to drive there. Who wants to drive in Salt Lake City? Nobody. That’s why they move to Idaho.

If you look at prices in California homes, no wonder they sell there, then move here.

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If you absolutely have to live in California, what is there to choose from?

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There is plenty to contemplate when buying a house. We’re trying to educate you about the choice to buy a house in California, and if it is advisable to do so. If you work remotely or can find a place to perform your particular set of skills that isn’t California, you should try that. We would hate you to go over to the dark side. Most people don’t make it back.

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