I do not plan to ever see the fiery pits of Hell in person. But I do hope the caretaker of that unearthly piece of real estate has several levels of misery for those who choose to live their lives as bad people. I would consider scammers, especially scammers who prey upon the elderly, as some of the top candidates for the deepest Hell allowed.

NOLA.com and its associated newspapers are reporting that a new scam has captured the attention of law enforcement. That's because this scam involves a reference to the United States Department of Justice. 

The scam works like this. A scammer calls via the telephone pretending to be an investigator with the DOJ. They attempt to gain personal information during the course of the call. Sometimes they leave a voice mail and a callback number.

That number takes the potential victim to an automated menu that mirrors almost exactly the automated menu at the DOJ. From there the victim is connected to "an operator" who attempts to gain intimate knowledge of the victim's personal information.

Should you receive such a call just know the chances of it being illicit are very high. Officials with the DOJ suggest you end the call immediately and then report the call. You may report your information to the Federal Trade Commission by calling (877) 382-4357.

You may also report that information directly to the FBI by following this link. As always any information that you can provide about the alleged scam attempt is helpful. Things like what number showed up on your caller ID, about what time of day did the call occur, was the call in person or a voicemail, what was the contact number left in the voicemail. This is all helpful information for investigators.

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