I swear I am a mosquito magnet. Those little suckers really REALLY like to bite me. Last week I came home from Magic Reservoir with over 20 mosquito bites, my boyfriend has zero. So I decided to try to find out why.

Apparently only female mosquitoes bite. That is a bit of information I did not know and also does not surprise me. According to some research that I have been doing, some people get bit because of their genetics. Some people are just more likely to excrete something in their skin that attracts mosquitoes.

Some of the factors that also might increase your chances of getting bit is wearing dark clothes, some sports and alcohol. Apparently, they are also attracted to people who are warmer, who move a lot and even those who move a lot in their sleep are more likely to get bit.

If you have type O blood you are also more likely to get bit. I have A positive so that is pretty much the only factor so far that does not sound like me.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to certain skin bacteria. All skin has bacteria so it really is determined by genetics. Though it definitely doesn't make me feel less dirty.

There are lots of reasons to try to protect yourself from bites. There is West Nile, Malaria, they itch to high heaven, so really the only way to protect yourself is with sprays and staying away from high traffic mosquito areas. I am really starting to think I am just doomed.

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