We had the chance to discuss some things with South Central Public Health District about the Coronavirus and some burning questions we had about all the strange things that are going on. If you missed our interview, you can see it here.

In a nut shell, and not trying to put words in anyone's mouth, but Brianna Bodily from South Central Public Health said that even though it appears the world is going crazy, we will be back to normal. Right now there is cause for concern but there is no cause for panic.

Those people who are more susceptible are elderly and compromised immune systems. The good news is children seem to be bouncing back better from Coronavirus than they even do the flu. Schools have been shut down not because they are mandated, but because there is a better chance that the virus could spread because schools are a close contact facility. Children tend to be less likely to use proper hand washing and personal hygiene. Kids are kids.

The biggest thing that she reiterates over and over again is that this is not a panic situation. They will be doing everything they can to keep everything open, prevent the spread and hopefully find ways for everyone to be able to access medicine, prescriptions and food.

The public health officials are working hard to keep everything under control. You can help them help you by preventing panic, wash your hands and stop buying all the toilet paper.

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