Putter's Mini Golf and Hawaiian Shaved Ice is officially open for the season. Currently they are open weekends and will slowly increase days of operation. So they have decided to add a new feature this season: season passes.

According to their Facebook page, Putters said that they have had requests from customers to offer season passes. This year, they decided to answer the calls and offer them in limited quantities.

These tickets are only going to be sold at Putter's during their business hours. They are stating to open on Friday's now from 1 p.m. tp 8 p.m. For a family of 4 season passes are $175 with each additional family member $25 after that. Adults are $60 and youth $40.

They will also be giving one season pass away so make sure you follow their Facebook page for information on how to win. I don't know all the details of the season pass, but I assume this means you can go as often as they are open to play all season long. That is a lot of golf and you are bound to be a champion putter after the season is over.

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