Friends Furever Animal Rescue found a 3 to 4 month old puppy in Jerome that had been shot in the leg. Now the pup is looking for a special family that can give her the attention and love she needs to heal.

Friends Furever Animal Rescue found this pup in rural Jerome County shot in the back leg. After taking the dog to Sawtooth Veterinary Services Animal Hospital, they determined her sciatic has been damaged. She has been named Serenity by the staff that are currently caring for her.

You have to look at this sweet girl's face. How could you possibly say no to that face? I would totally take her if I didn't have dogs that would want to play with her so bad it would probably hurt her more. Not really sure who or why anyone would shoot this dog in the leg and leave her for dead, but that is besides the point. Right now she needs a loving family that has time and the patience to take care of her. Maybe a house without many other rambunctious dogs so she doesn't try to push herself and hurt herself more.

This breaks my heart, but it is a good thing she is going to get some help. If you are someone who is going to have time to take care of her, look for any swelling she may have or changes in mobility contact Friends Furever Animal Rescue. This girl is going to need a lot of love and some serious rehab. Hopefully she will have a full happy life.

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