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Milner's Gate is the new brewery in Twin Falls that is going in where the old Historic Ballroom used to be. They have teamed up with a local family for a fundraising effort and a chance for locals to see the brewery before it opens.

Lilly-Grace Stone is a two-year-old girl fighting Leukemia. This Saturday, you can get tickets to go to Milner's Gate, get door prizes, participate in silent auctions and all the proceeds go to this little girl and her family.

For $60 gets you and another in the door and entered for your chance to win some door prizes. It looks like they have some great donations. They do have a limited number of tickets available so if you are interested make sure you go to D.L Evans Bank, Elevation 486, Snake River Pool and Spa or call (208) 421-1075 and ask for Lacey Lancaster.

You can check out the new brewery and help a local cause at the same time.

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