Prasai's Thai Cuisine is officially for sale in Twin Falls. The property listing stated that the buyer would also get Prasai's 2 Go as well.

According to the listing the 2 restaurants are for sale for $749 thousand dollars. The 428 2nd Ave East location in Downtown Twin Falls is the main building for sale. All operating equipment and furniture is included so that is a pretty great deal.

The listing said that they are hoping that the person would be able to carry on the Thai food tradition. The commercial property was build in 1985 and is 2,508 square feet. Apparently the restaurant has been on the market for 66 days. I have ordered from there in the last 66 days so I know that the restaurants are up and running right now and you can purchase food for delivery and to go.

With COVID 19 I am wondering if they are struggling, I am not positive if that is the reason or not. Maybe I am just a cynic. If Prasai's decides to sell and the buyer decides that Thai food is not the way for them I am going to be incredibly sad. Their Cashew Chicken Fried Rice is one of my favorite things to eat of all time.

We will see how this entire thing goes, I am hoping that Prasai's will be here to stay for the long haul no matter who purchases the building.

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