Last week I somehow managed to tear the muscles in my left leg as I was getting my son's bags out of the car. While leaning over the seat I felt--and heard--three distinct pops, and then wept like a small girl. I was told in the emergency room that I should follow up with an orthopedist in about a week.

Today, I saw Dr. May at St. Luke's Orthopedics. He gave me good news and bad news.

Dr. May explained that while I did tear my calf muscle, the main damage was to the Plantaris tendon. That's why I heard and felt the pop in my leg. The Plantaris tendon attaches to the Achilles tendon and performs a similar function, but isn't nearly as vital. You can rupture your Plantaris and still walk. It just hurts. A lot.

So I tore my muscle and ruptured a tendon, all because I hyper extended my leg while getting my son's bags out of the car. The good news is that surgery is not required. All I really need is time and rest to get better.

And I have to wear the boot for a few more weeks. Dang.