Not much can beat a really delicious sandwich. Especially if you can pair it with a really good soup. The weather is starting to warm up and I feel like sandwiches and summer go really well together. Where is the best place in Twin Falls to get a good sandwich?

Again, a good sandwich is hard to beat and I don't know what it is about restaurant quality but I can never make a sandwich as delicious as some of the places here in Twin Falls. In fact I am not sure I have had a sandwich that I did not like. So I am curious, where is your go to place when you are craving a good sandwich?

I have been to most if not all sandwich places in the area and I am not sure which one is my favorite. I really enjoy Jersey Mikes and Capriottis. They both offer some delicious and different options. Plus, they are super filling and packed full of toppings. When I was growing up I really loved Subway, but I tend to go to them now more for salads than sandwiches; though that doesn't mean I dislike their sandwiches.

Great Harvest makes amazing bread and some delicious fresh sandwiches but I tend to forget about them for some reason. Are there too many places to choose from? Or where is your go to place?

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