It's that time of year, fair season! There are so many great fairs and events going on around the Magic Valley. We want to know which fair and what your favorite part of the fair you look forward to the most.

Every year I go to the Twin Falls County Fair, Jerome County Fair and Cassia County Fair. They each have their own fun and different events. It is always hard to find my favorite thing to do. And it's hard to believe but they all have their own different and distinct foods. Fair food is pretty much amazing and it tastes even better because most of the time you can't get it year round.

There are things like horse races in Cassia County's rodeo. Twin Falls has one of the best concerts. Jerome has some of the most amazing food. It is hard to pick just one. But if you had to, it was life or death, which one thing would be the only thing you could experience at the fair.

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