There are so many small towns around the area that are beautiful and offer something unique. We wanted to know what the best place within an hour drive from Twin Falls there is to visit. Cast your vote.

I have been to pretty much every single one of the small towns that I have put on the list. Now, that being said I am sure I missed some and I apologize if I missed your amazing small town within an hour of Twin Falls. It was not intentional.

I am also not sure which small town is my favorite to visit because they all are so different. I mean Buhl has Cloverleaf Creamery and that place is phenomenal. They also apparently have a fantastic pizza place that is on my must try list.

I have spent more time in the Burley and Rupert areas which are pretty nice areas. In my opinion the best part about that area is the river and all the fun stuff you can do on it. We have family that lives on the edge of the river and it is absolutely gorgeous and quiet.

Jerome, Kimberly, Hansen and Eden are all wonderful places as well. Some great dining options and really cool community events. There is no doubt that the decision is going to be a tough one. But what is your favorite place to visit within an hour drive of Twin Falls?

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