I have always had a hard time with certain words. For the life of me I can't say Wisconsin correctly. I always add an "a". These words I have heard several versions of. How do you say them?

I swear there are so many words that people say differently. My mother for the life of her can't say submarine. She always says sum-barine. My grandma likes to add an "r" to wash and overly emphasize the "h" in white. Well, pretty much any word that starts with "wh".

If you want to drive anyone from Nevada crazy just call the state Ne Vah Dah. No, Its Nev Ah Duh. I guess people say Oregon strangely too and add an invisible "e" to the end of the state to make it Oar-E-Gone. I have a hard time saying Fargo, North Dakota as well. For some reason I turn into a Midwesterner when I say some Midwest names.

Some of the ones that I have heard that I find amusing is the way some people say Jaguar. I have heard British people say  "Jag-your". Or the way some people say aluminum like "all you minimum"

I had a friend who said elementary strangely as well. She said it with an emphasis on the "a" like "element-airy". I know there are more words out there that people say strangely or differently. Some of them might sound better.

One I struggle with is route because I can't commit to one or the other. It's "root" 66 but when I go somewhere I am "in rowt".

Words are weird.

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