Most people work out in some form or fashion. How you work out can determine what your motivation is or what you are comfortable with. For some people, their job is physically demanding and works as their exercise, while others have to go to the gym, or perhaps chasing your kids is enough for you. Even at the gym, some people focus on weights, some can run for days, and others struggle to walk 15 minutes on a treadmill or to lift ten pounds. There is a place opening soon in the Magic Valley that will offer unique classes for those looking to not only get in shape or maintain their shape but also help clients learn some new talents.

Pole Dancing Classes in the Magic Valley

Credit: mel-nik
Credit: mel-nik

There is a place opening in the Magic Valley that will look to offer pole dancing classes soon. The name of the place will be Schweet’s Studio and it will be located in Paul. I asked the owner, Michael, why Paul was the perfect location for this dance studio, and it is because he and his wife want to keep it close to their community, as well as real estate pricing was cheaper in Paul. This allows them to offer the classes at a much more affordable price, which will benefit the customers. His wife, Nicole, will teach the classes, and she has been dancing since 2019. Schweet's looks to open in May, if all goes according to plan, and they have already begun the remodel of their studio. 

Benefits of Pole Dancing

When many of us hear pole dancing we think of erotic dancing and places, and while that may be true, there is much more to it than that. The art of pole dancing is great for upper body strength, core strength, balance, flexibility, and mental health. It takes a lot to be able to pole dance, and no matter your age, your size, or your experience level, the benefits are worth giving a try. If anything, it beats running on a treadmill and is worth a try. At Schweet's, Nicole will lead the classes, and they plan to keep classes small so the students get more of a personal lesson. They will offer beginner classes, intermediate, and expert classes, depending on your level of comfort and experience. They will offer one-hour classes once or twice per week. That sounds like more of a goal than a time limit for some of us. 

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While pole dancing classes aren't for everyone, and some are physically unable to do it, it is worth a shot and you might be surprised how much your body improves in a short amount of time. There are different reasons to take this class, such as learning new skills, getting in shape, or having fun with your friends. While the drive to Paul can be used as an excuse, try a class and see if you like it first, and you may not mind the drive after you do it. Check back here as we update you on the progress of Schweet's Studio and when you can finally jump on that pole and get your workout on. For more on Schweet's, you can always click the link above. 

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