Not every child learns perfectly in the traditional school setting. When traditional public school just isn’t the right fit, charter schools can offer options for children to achieve their best outcomes possible. There are several charter schools in Twin Falls.

Pinecrest Academy is a tuition-free public charter school that has been operating in Twin Falls since 2020. Pinecrest offers a curriculum challenging students in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. It became evident quickly that a new facility was going to be necessary. Popularity brings its own struggles.

Will Pinecrest Academy in Twin Falls Open this Year?

New construction has been ongoing since the groundbreaking ceremony held in January. Now, it’s looking almost complete. The school expects to be ready for students to populate the new facility on the first day of school - August 16th. The building may be ready for students to attend, but all traditional amenities may not be available. Parents are lamenting the lack of a school cafeteria providing a hot lunch.

Pinecrest Academy in Twin Falls Accepting Applications

Parents interested in having their children attend Pinecrest Academy can find more information by clicking this link. Charter schools are an excellent opportunity for students to thrive in an alternative to the traditional public school structure. Teachers looking for an opportunity to make meaningful changes in young lives are welcome to apply as well.

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There is a budget hearing for Pinecrest Academy of Idaho during the school board meeting coming up on June 27. Anyone interested can attend in person at 8:30 AM at 905 Shoshone St. North in Twin Falls or via Zoom.

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