No one grows up without hearing some key catch phrases over and over that stick with them into adulthood. Since my mom is from another country, I grew up hearing the phrases her mom told her back in the day in Havana, Cuba. There are two that stick out the most.

In regard to iffy situations: "He who avoids the situation avoids the danger." Basically she didn't want me taking any risks. Now as a mom I totally get it.

When you've done something to reprehensible you're hard to look at: "I never want to see you again, not even in a painting!" Ok, so this is translated from Spanish. Somehow it sounds really grave in Spanish, but in English it's terribly silly. Also, I just heard it a lot about other people. My mom wasn't directing such harsh words at me, don't worry.

If you grew up in Idaho, odds are you've heard these phrases spill out of your parents' mouths and maybe you say them too. Keeping tradition alive is important, after all. These are some of the common ones Idaho Facebookers have cited:

"I didn't fall off a tater wagon yesterday."

"Have you lost your rabbit assed mind."

"Boy-see, not Boy-zee"

"Close the door, you were not raised in a barn"

"If you don’t like the weather, wait ____ minutes, it will change."

“I remember when that used to be all land...”

"Knee high to a grasshopper"

"Up sh*t crick"

I hear about "Boy-see," when everything was land, and about the weather all the time and say those things myself all the time. Any of these ring a bell? What's missing from the list?

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