Perkins and Marie Callender's announced in a press release that they have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is looking to sell the company. So we called to ask and see what that could possibly mean for the Perkins located here in Twin Falls.

Twin Falls has a Perkins Restaurant and Bakery on Blue Lakes Blvd that seems to have a pretty steady flow of people coming in and out of it. After I contacted the local Twin Falls restaurant, the young lady on the phone told me as far as she knew all Idaho locations were safe. The owner of their store, Tony Link, said they plan on staying open as well in Twin Falls. He said only underperforming stores were closed.

That is good news for Perkin's fans. According to some reports, 26 locations have been shut down as of last Sunday. Since Marie Callender's and Perkins are working together to try to make sure that the company gets bought and it goes as well as possible.

There are several other Perkin's locations in Idaho. There is obviously one here in Twin Falls, one located in Burley, one in Pocatello and another location in Idaho Falls. Again, we were told that rumor has it all the Idaho locations will be safe from closure. I imagine the stores that will be closing will be the underperforming locations that may have multiple restaurants in the areas they are located.

I have never had the chance to eat at Perkins, but now I feel like I definitely have to try it and celebrate the fact that I can still give it a shot. I have been to a Marie Callender's in Las Vegas before and I would have to say I was not disappointed in the food. As long as they don't stop selling their pies.

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