Apparently Jo Jo Siwa is a huge deal on YouTube, Nickelodeon and is a pretty good singer. The Extra Mile Arena in Boise has announced that she will be making a stop here in Idaho.

Jo Jo Siwa's real name is Joelle Joanie Siwa and she sings, dances, acts and is a YouTube personality. She is on her "Dream Tour" right now and apparently a bunch of cities have already sold out for her shows.

Jo Jo Siwa will be at the Extra Mile Arena on Saturday, March 28th. The show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets don't go on sale until November 22nd at noon. If your kids are big fans of hers and you are looking for a good Christmas present, make sure you mark your calendar so you can snag some tickets.

Jo Jo Siwa is known for her glittery shoes and jacket as well as her high ponytail and massive bows. The only reason I have even heard of her is a few years ago people were discussing how "immature" Jo Jo was for a 16 year old girl. Well, she is obviously doing something right because she is selling out shows all over the world. Right now she is touring in Australia.

She is very pink and glittery and bubbly. She is catchy and entertaining, I can see why kids like her. I spoke with a coworker who has children and he said his kid's "Jo Jo shoes" are something she loves. I have even seen events on Facebook for kids to get together and make their own "Jo Jo bows" that they can sport.

I may not understand the fad but I know plenty worse things that kids could be interested in.

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