For Idaho fans addicted to the paranormal, a new spin-off of a long-running program that features investigations into the unexplained now specializes in house calls. If something spooky is happening on your Idaho property, you can attempt to reach out to the popular research team for a chance to be featured in an upcoming season.

The Ghost Adventures team is led by longtime paranormal investigator and host Zak Bagans. Fans of the show have likely seen the team in past episodes conducting investigations at Gem State sites such as the Old Idaho Penitentiary and the former Albion State Normal School. The team's newest endeavor and reality series is titled Ghost Adventures: House Calls, and season one is available for streaming now on Discovery Plus.

I recently watched episode three of the new series, which is called Auburn In Hell, and featured an alleged haunted farmhouse in a city I used to live in. The show is executed much like the original series, with the team setting up equipment and spending hours onsite, and each episode is approximately 45 minutes.

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If you have been experiencing unexplained phenomena at your Idaho residence that you believe could be paranormal, then following one of the program's social media pages and sending a direct message is one way to get the attention of producers. The Discovery Channel also has a direct email for the public to reach out to for the chance to be featured on the program.

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