Remember that Netflix documentary "Kidnapped In Plain Sight" about the Pocatello girl who was kidnapped twice by a family friend and her parents were kind of oblivious? A new drama series is coming out on another streaming service that tells the story in a different light.

A Friend Of The Family Drama Series

The trailer shows parts of the disturbing behavior behind the Brogberg family friend Robert Berchtold. The family said he was part of the family, even though he ends up kidnapping Jan, one of their daughters, not only once, but twice. The Pocatello family was very much involved in their church and had no idea that their friend was essentially a psychopath. Jan Broberg helped produce the drama series so it will be very much from her perspective and what really happened.

How Is It Different From The Other Show?

Kidnapped In Plain Sight was a documentary and the family recounted the experience from all of their memories. This show is a series. It is told by characters representing their families as if they are happening in real time. You can see just how insane the situations were by them happening right in front of you.

How You Can Watch

The drama series will air on the streaming service Peacock starting October 6th. It is unclear at this point if it is going to be released all at once or if episode will be released each week. Peacock is one of the few streaming services I do not have so I will have to get it so I can watch this series.

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