On New Year's Eve I had to run to Smith's for some last minute snack before people started coming over. I had the privilege of noticing you dancing through the packed parking lot gathering carts to bring back inside.

You are the type of spirit I wish I had. Not only was it cold and wet, on a day you probably didn't want to be working and it was busy beyond belief. Instead of looking miserable in the cold you decided to make the best of your situation. You were happy to have the job, even if it may not have been what you wanted to be doing.

Watching you dance from cart collector to cart collector put a smile on so many people's faces. I know I smiled and waved at you as I left the parking lot. I saw at least 5 others around me smiling at you as well. You made people happy during a busy time at a grocery store that, let's face it, none of us shoppers even wanted to be at.

You are probably no more than 21 years old, if that. I am terrible at judging age so I apologize if I am way off. You even seemed apologetic that you had to lug carts behind my car as I was trying to back out while you were dancing. Don't ever apologize for being happy and doing things that make you and others smile.

Even waving goodbye to you in the parking lot made me smile. Thank you dancing cart gatherer. It seems like such a little thing but it made a huge impact on the rest of my day.

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