According to Crush the Curve Idaho, for one day only, Wednesday June 3rd, the community can go get COVID 19 tested or the antibody test to see if they have had the Coronavirus.

If you live in the Rupert area and you want to get tested for the Coronavirus or take the antibody test, you can go to Ridley's at 310 Onieda on Wednesday June 3rd from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. and get tested. If your insurance does not cover the testing it is $100 per test. Some insurance companies are covering the cost.

Rupert Crush The Curve

If you live in the area and you can't make it Wednesday you can still make appointments in other areas. Twin Falls is doing the antibody testing at Frontier Pediatric Partners at 1502 Locust St N #700. You can schedule for either test there at 208-595-5095. And there are other testing places throughout Idaho including Eastern Idaho and the Treasure Valley areas.

Crush The Curve Idaho is a non profit organization that aims to get accurate number on the Coronavirus so they can determine the fatality rate and how it truly has been affecting the community.

I might go and get the test just to see if it was something that I had and just didn't know. Maybe I was one of those who never felt sick from it. I still don't know anyone that has has the antibody testing but I know several people who had COVID 19.

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