A tour called Stars on Ice gives you an opportunity to see Olympic greats at figure skating in Boise this year. For those who love figure skating or just want to be in the presence of some of the best athletes at their craft in the world, this event is for you.

Information About Stars On Ice U.S. Tour

You will get to watch the best of the U.S. Figure Skating Team, all of whom just came from the winter games in Beijing, do what they do best, live. The event is at the Idaho Central Arena on May 26th. You can purchase tickets now for the event. Tickets range from $30 to $100 per seat, depending on where you would like to sit. That is without service fees and tax.

Olympians That Will Be On Tour

Nathan Chen is obviously on that list. Chen is a three-time and reigning World Champion, he has an Olympic Bronze Medal and is the six-time and current U.S. Champion. Alysa Liu will also be there. Liu won a Bronze Medal and is a U.S. champion. I feel like even people who don't know anything about figure skating has at least heard of some of these athletes. Also touring will be Vincent Zhou, Karen Chen, Mariah Bell, Madison Hubbell, and Zachary Donohue, just to name a few

More Information About The Tour

It has been postponed for two years due to the pandemic and now it is back. It is going to be a great family-friendly event.

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