Thankfully the pub and restaurant is not closing it's doors. Also known as Dunkens, now officially has new owners, they took over today, New Year's Eve.

The response on social media was pretty overwhelming. Steve and Bev O'Connor wrote out their final farewell to all their customers on their Facebook page. Steve and Bev have been owners and operators of O'Dunkens for the last 17 years. The new owners will be Jennifer and Jay Covin.

Though I am not sure if anything is going to change yet, it will be exciting to see what they have in store for the pub and restaurant. It was probably the best St. Patrick's Day I ever had when I got to spend it there. They have some amazing food as well. Coworkers of mine raved about their nachos.

Again, not sure that anything drastic is going to change just yet. They were always a huge part of the St. Patrick's Day parade in Downtown Twin Falls as well, so it will be interesting to see what the new owners will do with the passing of the torch.

I am excited to be able to go down there and check it out within the next few weeks. Steve and Bev probably don't remember me, but I will always remember speaking with them on that memorable St. Patrick's Day. Best of luck to both Steve and Bev O'Connor on their new adventure and welcome Jennifer and Jay Covin. We are excited to see what the future brings.

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