As stated before, there are over 300 new laws that are going into effect July 1st in Idaho. If you don't want to go through all of them, here are a few notable ones that might effect your day to day life.

Updated Trespassing Law: the trespassing law changes the penalties for those who trespass on private property to be harsher. This will also effect hunters, anglers and trappers.

New Salvage Law: you can salvage an animal that has been hit by a vehicle, but it also states, "Anyone who wants to either salvage or humanely dispatch and salvage a struck animal must report it to the Fish and Game within 24 hours and obtain a salvage permit from the department within 72 hours," according to Idaho Fish and Game.

Trapper training: If you are a new trapper you now have to attend and pass a trapper education course.

Stand Your Ground: This allows "justifiable homicide" to include not only protecting your property but also your employment and a private vehicle.

Left Lane Law: this means someone who is in the left lane on the interstate, slowing people down, is subject to a ticket.

Online Sales Tax for OUT OF STATE: you will no longer have to report some out of state online purchases on your taxes.

Online Sales Tax for IN STATE: retailers will now be required to remit and report sales tax to the state.

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