Guys, if we marched into our wive's closets and threw out all the stuff we didn't like, how do you think they'd react?  I bet most of us would be lucky to wake up the next day?  But apparently throwing out our clothes is something women do all the time.

According to a recent survey, here are the top ten things men own that women love to throw away.

1.  Clothes.  As in, she goes through your closet and throws out your favorite t-shirts just because they have a few holes in them.  I miss my day-glow air-brushed monster truck T.  It was the most comfortable shirt ever and no shirt will ever replace it.

2.  Magazine collections.  This includes sports magazines and maybe some racy stuff that you probably shouldn't be lugging around anymore.  Especially now that you're a family man.

3.  Old hobby stuff, like model airplanes.

4.  Old CDs and DVDs she doesn't like.  (I managed to save some of mine.  They're hidden in a box in the garage.

5.  Your old sofa.  I'm not sure why but after we marry, it's always OUR sofa that has to do even though hers is not nearly as comfortable.  I think bean bag chairs and CD lamps should both fit into this category as well.  I mean... it's a lamp AND a CD holder.  I think it's the most brilliant invention ever.

6.  Sports memorabilia.

7.  Artwork she doesn't like.  So I went through an Ansel Adams phase in my early 20's.  Those prints were pretty cool.  (Plastic poster frame and all.)

8.  Your sound system, because it takes up too much space.  Sure, it was big.  But you'll never be able to duplicate the sound you got out of that amp and those subs that used to go in a car.

9.  Weights or any fitness equipment you never use.  I say if the ladies get to keep those pants "they might want to wear again someday" then we should be able to keep the blowflex.  We just might use it again.  Maybe.

Female First