A new western store is opening up on Main in Twin Falls in the middle of April called Whiskey Bent Trading Company. 

The goal is to open their doors around April 1st, barring any complications or set backs. We will definitely be excited to see the place on Monday.

The western store will offer both working clothes that you may need and modern western fashion. I personally am hoping for a good place to get affordable cowboy boots, mine are pretty much dead.

Whiskey Bent Trading Company will be at 236 Main Avenue North in Twin Falls. It is always nice to see the downtown area growing and developing. Plus, I can't really think of many western stores except for Vickers and Boot Barn. It will be exciting to have a western store that can fulfill the working side and fashionable side of people.

They plan on having a grand opening around April 15th so keep your eyes peeled for that.

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