A recent sighting of an unidentified aerial phenomenon in southwest Idaho has been reported to a national center for unexplained incidents. The object was reportedly seen by multiple area motorists.

An Idaho driver recently reported another unexplained incident involving an aerial object seen near the city of Boise to the National UFO Reporting Center. Details of the report were posted on March 31, 2021, to the NUFORC. The object was extremely fast, and flying at only a few hundred feet off the ground, according to the report.

The incident was the fourth such reported to the center for the month of March. The three prior sightings were all reported in the first four days of the month, near the cities of Middleton, Payette and Boise. The NUFORC archives UFO reports nationally, and has for decades.

This most recent sighting happened at approximately 10 P.M., on March 29. A driver and his wife, as well as some family following in an automobile, all saw the object. The witness described it as a very fast, streaking flash, flying only a couple hundred feet above the ground. The object flew in an easterly direction toward the city of Mountain Home, according to the witness.

The motorist also said in the report that the object was "the fastest thing I have ever witnessed." The individual was also quoted as saying "one-hundred percent UFO."

The duration of the event on the evening of March 29 is listed as fifteen seconds. At least four people confirmed the sighting near Boise.

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