Crumbl Cookie is opening soon in Twin Falls and we couldn't be happier.

I had no idea what Crumbl was until I looked it up. They have a rotating menu of cookies each week and they look phenomenal. This week, January 13th through January 19th they have "chilled cookies and cream milkshake" it is topped with a mini oreo. They have "s'mores", "Circus Animal" which my inner child is ecstatic for, "peanut butter brownie" which looks as amazing as it sounds, "milk chocolate chip" and "chilled sugar" that has an almost frosting on it.

Crumbl has 59 locations around the country and they have 6 other locations in Idaho that you can try before they open their doors in Twin Falls. They have stores in Ammon, Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Pocatello and Rexburg.

Here in Twin Falls they will be located at the old Papa Murphy's location on Blue Lakes near the Jimmy Johns over there. I feel like Twin Falls doesn't have a ton of places to get fresh cookies. The Cookie Basket is absolutely wonderful and Sips offers some cookies. Both of those places are fantastic, don't get me wrong. It will just be interesting to see what Crumbl has to offer.

We don't have an estimated open date just yet but we will get that information out to you as soon as we know for ourselves.

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