A new boba tea cafe is opening in Twin Falls! The new cafe will be inside the Little India (Pho Taki) Asian food market on Addison.

If you go inside the market there is a little India restaurant that also serves Pho. Right next to it they are in the middle of constructing a Boba Tea Cafe.

Boba Tea is also known as bubble tea because there are bubble "pearls" at the bottom of the drink. They are edible and quite delicious. Basically, you will be able to create your own drink (tea) as the base and flavored pearls or "bubbles" for the bottom.

When I went in they said they were hoping to have the cafe up and running by June 15th, but you know how construction can go. We will keep an eye on how it is going and let you know when you are going to be able to try this place.

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