Southern Idaho Economic Development has released a new ad for winter time in Southern Idaho and it is exactly how we all feel. I love this ad. It has captured so many people's idea that Idaho is the best kept secret in the west.

This new advertisement for the adventures in the winter time for Southern Idaho is pretty great.

I think part of the reason it is so great is because everyone who has come to Idaho has pretty much heard the same thing. "Idaho? What's in Idaho? or "Why would you want to go to Idaho?"

Her response is perfect, "Oh nothing, you probably wouldn't like it." And that is completely correct. If you have the mentality of "what could possibly be in Idaho" chances are you wouldn't like the things it has to offer.

She nonchalantly gets off the phone and decides to take advantage of some of the amazing things that Idaho does have to offer in the winter time, like skiing Magic Mountain. Or snow shoeing, or sledding, snowmobiling or ice fishing.

Southern Idaho Economic Development definitely nailed this advertisement. Technically, we are letting the secret out a little bit. But that wouldn't be new news to anyone who enjoys the outdoor activities we have to offer. Idaho really is the biggest kept secret in the west. And we really don't like letting that secret get out.

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