In my home we have embraced the era of TV and movie streaming. It isn't out of the norm for my kids to be watching a YouTube video, a Netflix show, or streaming TV on Hulu before bed. In 2017, Netflix raised their subscription fee and we complained a bit but ultimately knew that we can't live without it. Now, Netflix knows they have us hooked and are raising prices again - and we'll complain again but still keep paying.

Netflix is raising prices over the next three months. The lowest subscription with a single device view goes up an additional $1 and the other two options with multiple devices and HD video go up $2 more. Personally, I'd be fine scrapping our Hulu subscription to pay extra for Netflix if it came to that. Netflix has tons of original content - and it is good content. Some of my latest favorites have been Netflix originals including Daredevil, Haunting of Hill House, Lost in Space, and Stranger Things. Plus they have Hollywood movies and previous seasons of TV shows.

So, does it suck that the price is going up? You bet it does. But will anyone actually cancel their subscription over $24 a year? Not in my house.

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