Sure, I will probably never be able to afford a house like this, but a girl can dream. This home is nearly 6,000 square feet and is nearly $600,000. It is a home from your dreams.

It is a four bedroom, 4.5 bath home with a ton of acreage and underground parking. Yes, you read that right, underground parking.

It definitely looks like it is bigger than four bedrooms and I have a feeling that is because there are things like entertainment rooms, a basement, which looks like a full theater in the place. The kitchen is absolutely stunning and I couldn't count how many dining or "hosting" areas if that is even the word for it, there are in this place.

I feel like the basement itself is larger than my entire house. I don't know if I love the house or all the stuff in it like a little basketball hoop, pool table, air hockey table and maybe a bar? I can't really tell, the place is too big. Man, amazing. The only downside is keeping that place clean would be an all-day job.

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