Okay - There's really nothing "scientific" about this but the truth is undeniable.

Women hold on to stuff for a very, very, VERY long time.

Yesterday, I could tell that my wife was a little annoyed with me.  So I asked her why.  She said, "I'm still mad at you about what we fought about the other day."

My mind raced to three days earlier and I do remember arguing about something.  If you put me at the edge of a cliff and told me that you would push me off unless I told you what it was, I would have to fall to my death.  For the LIFE OF ME, I cannot remember!

Why is is that  a woman can recall every exact detail of every argument, even down the the clothes worn during the argument but men don't have a clue?  Is it because women have better memories   Is it because men and cold-hearted and disconnected?

Either I don't know the answer or maybe I just can't remember.