With Halloween on the horizon, my mind always turns to the macabre and fantastical.On October 31st the streets will be filled with ghosts, witches, goblins, monsters, and those things that go bump in the night as they head out to Trick or Treat in their search for candy. But those are our kids in costume. Do the monsters of folklore actually exist? Or at one time, did they exist?

From what I've gathered from historians, documentaries, and articles, most monsters fall into two categories. They can either be A) based on misconception or error, or B) a complete fabrication. Take vampires for example: because of the particular way a corpse decomposes in the grave, it was thought that they were rising from the grave and feeding on humans. This was an error fueled by misunderstanding. In the case of ghosts in the Amityville Horror, this was a total fabrication.

Here's another example from The Famous Monsters.com:

One of the most famous monsters of recent times that we all know of is the Lock Ness Monster. With thousands of reported sightings of this creature for centuries, along with photographs, there should be a belief in the existence Nessie. But as they have never caught him or have more evidence of its existence, many scientist believe that it is only a figment of people’s imaginations. Today, science demands proof. And no proof means these famous monsters do not exist.

There are even ghost and monster stories right here in Twin Falls! But what do you think? Are there really such things as monsters? Vote in my survey for 5,000 EZ Bucks!