A mother and her 12 pups were discovered living in a culvert in Jerome County recently. The animals are being cared for by the Idaho Humane Society, and you can help provide assistance if you wish.

The Idaho Humane Society shared details on the successful relocation of a mother and her 12 puppies from a culvert in Jerome County. The animals were removed with care by Trapping Catching South Central Idaho Assistance. They appear to be in good health.

The puppies are approximately three weeks old. The mother, whose name is "Queen," needed immediate veterinary assistance upon being located. The pups are currently in foster care being evaluated. They will be offered up for adoption when the time is appropriate and they've been medically cleared.

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Idaho Humane Society

A fundraising effort is currently underway to provide for necessary food and medical care. To date, close to $2,000 has been raised. Queen is currently being treated for an ulcer and infection. The pups are also being treated for flees.

No one has come forward as of yet to claim Queen. If you have any information on this matter, please contact the Idaho Humane Society, at 208-342-3508. The Idaho Humane Society has been handling matters of this type since 1945, and is located in Boise.

They are asking the public for any donations to help with the care of Queen and her puppies.

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