Most police organizations will admit that having a K-9 unit is incredibly beneficial, but they can be expensive. Well, big congratulations to the Filer Police Department and their newest addition to the family.

Meet Max! He is two and a half years old and is a German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix. I am not really sure what the second one is, but this little guy is so cute!

Ok maybe he isn't so little. Max is trained in drug detection and already has found his human partner. Cpl. Vanleeuwen will be his companion.

When we think of police, we don't always think of the K-9s and the officers that handle them. It is exciting to be able to see what the newest member of the team looks like. Although, we do have to admit that we can't exactly say we would be thrilled to see him in our rear view mirror driving around town. Following on Facebook usually means there won't be a speeding ticket involved.

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