Being a parent is tough, and it usually means that plenty of doctor visits are in your future. Children get sick often, and in worse situations, they can be diagnosed with health conditions that lead to needing specialty doctors or staying in the hospital. No parent wants to have to take their kid to the doctor, but having a medical system for your children is vital to make sure they are in the best hands in case they are ever diagnosed with something or an emergency occurs. What state offers the best medical care for children, what state offers the worst, and how does Idaho compare?

The Best and Worst States for Children's Medical Care

Credit: monkeybusinessimages
Credit: monkeybusinessimages

When it comes to getting your children the best medical care possible, where you live is a major factor. WalletHub recently released a list of the best and worst states for children's medical care and ranked the states using categories such as kids' health and access to health care, kids' nutrition, obesity, and physical activity, and kids' oral health. Using these criteria it was determined that Massachusetts has the best children's health care, with Washington DC being second, and Rhode Island rounding out the top three. The worst state for children's health care is Mississippi, with Texas being the second worst, and Louisiana rounding out the bottom three. 

Does Idaho Have Good Medical Care for Children?

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When it comes to child health care in Idaho, there are worse states to live in, but more states offer better options. Idaho comes on the list at 27, putting it almost exactly in the middle. Idaho is 29 in kids' health and access to health care, 25 in kids' nutrition, obesity, and physical activity, and 17 in kids' oral health. The good news is that Idaho is near the middle or better than most states in all three categories, but it also means that nearly half the country offers better health care for our children. 

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If you would like to see the full list, make sure to click the link above. The next time your child gets sick, rest easy knowing they are likely in good hands and in a good location to get the treatment they need, but if you are unsatisfied and need different doctors, half of the country is open to you to choose from. Each child is different and each case is different. Some people can live in Idaho their whole life and their children will be fine, while others might need better options. 

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