Hallelujah! We are so excited that a new device is being installed on McDonald's ice cream machines that will hopefully stop them from breaking down. Or, at least give employees less chance to fake a machine break down.

Ok, I know that employees don't always fake that the ice cream machine is broken so they don't have to break down and clean the thing. It breaks a lot. I just think it happens about 15 percent of the time and it is actually broken 85 percent of the time.

According to Business Insider, some McDonald's locations will be getting a device that should allow any minor malfunctions to be fixed, or at least tell them what the malfunction is and they should be able to fix it themselves.

I wouldn't delete the app on your phone telling you when your local McDonald's ice cream machine is broken just yet, the device likely isn't going to be in Twin Falls for a while and you need to know when you can run and get that $1.50 hot fudge sundae that tastes so good at midnight for some reason.

I admittedly don't know if the Twin Falls McDonald's have issues with their ice cream machines. I do know that the ones in Nevada were ALWAYS broken, it is almost a miracle when they are functioning. Hopefully, the stigma of the broken ice cream machine will finally go away from the McDonald's franchise.

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