On July 7, 1999, Dave Whipple bought a McDonald's hamburger. The Utah man didn't intend to eat it, but instead he wanted to prove that the burger was so pumped full of preservatives that it would look the same after a month.

But Whipple soon forgot about his little science experience and left the burger in his coat pocket. It obviously wasn't a jacket he used often because his wife found the burger two years later, still in the coat pocket and still looking like the day he bought it.

At that point, Whipple decided to see how long the burger would last. 14 years later, it's looking pretty good.

Worlds Oldest Hamburger

As you can see, the pickle has disintegrated but the bun and paddy are very much intact.

Whipple presented the bionic burger to the TV show 'The Doctors,' along with the receipt from the day he bought it. According the TV physicians the hamburger had no mold or any strange odors, despite being from the 20th century.

Whipple says he's keeping the burger around so his grandkids can see "what happens to fast food." You can learn more about this marvel of science at his website 'World's Oldest Hamburger.'

Or, if you are really interested, you can invite the ancient fast food to one of your events. Just make sure nobody eats it. That would be a tragedy for a couple reasons.

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