This home is great for social distancing. It is so large that you could walk around and not worry about running into another person for a while. Plus it is gorgeous and has a water fountain apparently.

The home located at 961 Wildwood Way in Twin Falls is a whopping 6,559 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. I am not sure why I found the water fountain so intriguing. Maybe because in my mind that is secretly an inner child wants the water fountain to be full of something like Hawaiian Punch or Sunny D instead of water. But I digress.

Diane Long via Zillow
Diane Long via Zillow

This thing has six garage bays, a backyard pool and on quite a bit of land. The kitchen has two ovens and has a ton of storage space. I have always been curious about what it was like to need two ovens, then I realized, it isn't necessarily about need but how convenient that could be! Cook a chicken in one oven and buns or potatoes in the oven. Genius, during Thanksgiving I bet three or four ovens would be helpful.

There are a couple of game rooms it looks like as well. I mean I doubt that all the games like the pool table and foosball table come with the home, but if you can afford the home at $799,900 I am sure you can afford to get those things.

The one thing I don't want to do is clean that house.

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