FILER, Idaho (KLIX) A man is facing charges after attempting to warn homeowners of a zombie apocalypse while carrying a samurai sword near Filer last week. According to court documents, Dakota Krebs, 21, is facing a charge of malicious injury to property and unlawful entry for an incident that happened at around 10 p.m. Wednesday near Filer.

According to charging documents, a Twin Falls County Deputy was called out to a report of a man wielding a large sword in someones back yard talking about a zombie apocalypse at 2287 Austin Lane. According to witness accounts, Krebs allegedly knocked on the back door of residence. When the homeowner answered, Krebs began talking about a zombie attack while carrying a sword. The homeowner told Krebs to leave and shut the door. The homeowner said they'd heard a crash and went to the backdoor and noticed it had been kicked in with Krebs standing there. The homeowner had also retrieved his gun.

Eventually the deputy found the suspect after another call lead him to another home in the area. The deputy said Krebs was being held at gunpoint by the homeowner on the porch and noticed a sword lying next to him. The deputy told the homeowner to stand down and Krebs was taken into custody. When questioned, Krebs told the deputy "he was trying to warn everyone that the zombie apocalypse had begun." Krebs allegedly told the deputy he had woken up to find his family had turned into zombies.

Krebs was taken to the hospital before being booked into the jail. After further investigation, authorities found out a brick was thrown through an upstairs window and a third home also had a broken window. None of the witness testimony or charging documents say Krebs ever threatened anyone with the sword. Krebs was arraigned on Thursday last week.

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