Luke Bryan's mom LeClaire is a natural entertainer, just like her son. The country superstar says his mama knows exactly when to use those skills — like on his "One Margarita" music video set.

Bryan's family and friends joined him at January's Crash My Playa vacation concert event in Mexico to film the video for his recent No. 1 single. But LeClaire almost didn't make it.

"My mom calls me that morning," Bryan recalls to late-night TV host Seth Meyers. "She's like, 'Oh, I'm under the weather, I'm tired, I don't wanna come down here and do the video.'"

Bryan doesn't explain how he convinced his mother to come to set anyway, but once she got there, she was all in.

"She shows up, and ... when the cameras roll, she's dancin' on barstools, tabletops, gettin' on people's shoulders," the star recalls. "So she knows how to turn on the charm."

Indeed, LeClaire is a highlight of Bryan's "One Margarita" music video, especially for fans who know exactly who she is:

LeClaire Bryan is a bit of a star among her son's following. She's got a pretty dang funny Instagram account of her own, and is often a highlight of Crash My Playa. She's also been dragged into Luke Bryan and wife Caroline's long-running prank war a time or two — good thing she's got her son's sense of humor!

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