Representatives of one of the country's most popular fast food restaurants have announced that the chain will temporarily cease use of its longtime slogan as to not promote unsafe public health during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is benching its 70-year-old slogan, "Finger Lickin Good," until signs that COVID-19 is no longer a public widespread threat, according to details shared on The tag line has been used by the chain since it became synonymous with KFC in 1956.

In an August 24 video shared to one of the restaurant's oversees YouTube channels, company media personnel blurred out the famous slogan on a number of vintage and recent ads, and included the words, "That thing we always say...ignore it...for now," in the final seconds.

So, I guess for people here in Twin Falls that enjoy stopping for some of Colonel Sanders original recipe or extra crispy chicken, just use a napkin when removing chicken crumbs and juices from your hands. That felt ridiculous typing that by the way, but you have to give KFC credit at least for caring.

I'm not someone who tends to lick my fingers anyway when eating food. It's what separates me from the Cro-Magnon. I also don't stuff a napkin down my shirt collar or attempt to stab the hand of anyone who reaches for my plate while I'm eating. I guess I learned something from my parents growing up regarding table manners.

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