Every generation has their own slang. Sure things like groovy and dope might not be in anymore, but at least we all knew what they meant. Gen Z has their own slang and if they wrote some slogans for Twin Falls they would sound a little something like this.

  • Brickhouse/The Rouge - Find that fit and come get lit!
  • Twin Beans - The best place for coffee and tea
  • Perrine Bridge - YEETING BASE jumpers since 1973
  • Orpheum Theater - Where you are encouraged to be your Extra self
  • Twin Falls - the best place ever Periodt
  • Anchor Bistro and Bar - Bet you find your friends here on Friday night
  • Fashion 15 - Our style and prices are fire
  • Driver's Ed School - learn to slay that drivers test.

Now I may be using these slang terms incorrectly. It wouldn't be the first time and admittedly I had to look up some Gen Z lingo in order to put this together. I knew of terms like Cray Cray and my niece recently explained to me what "sus" means. Apparently it is just the shortened version of "suspect" like that person looks shady or guilty. I am really starting to feel old. I used the word "bomb" in front of my nieces and nephews and they looked at me like I would a Boomer who told me something was groovy.

I guess this is what life is coming to. At least I know what most emojis mean.

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