A new bistro has officially opened their doors in Buhl. Kanaka Bistro opened their doors on Monday February 17th for their regular business hours. They had a soft opening on Saturday February 15th.

The family owned restaurant will be open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. for lunch and dinner only. The restaurant will be closed all day on Sundays. It appears they are looking for a morning cook so those hours may also change if they find someone to run a morning shift.

The Kanaka Bistro, located at 125 South Broadway in Buhl, will have a variety of things on their menu from sandwiches to desserts. They did say more menu items will be added as their restaurant flourishes and time goes on.

Based on the descriptions I am definitely going to have to try the F.H Buhl's Chicken panini because it sounds phenomenal. chicken, garlic, pepper, provolone, tomato, onion and mayo on panini bread. Yes please!

They also have a couple of burgers on the menu which also look amazing, and one of them is a bacon double cheeseburger which is pretty much my love language.

They don't have a menu of their desserts but dang do they look good. The restaurant shared photos of their scones and muffins, I don't know what flavors they are but they need to be in my belly. It's not too far of a drive.

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