John Berry was able to share the best social media update in his history of social media updates Tuesday (Aug. 13), when he notified fans that he is cancer free.

In a post on Instagram, he spelled it out without frills in all-caps: "Best news ever! I am cancer free." Fans responded with a litany of "amens" and "congratulations" to the welcome report.

While no cancer journey is a pleasant one, Berry has done his best to keep his fans informed on his progress in as upbeat a voice as possible. Since revealing he had cancer in January of 2019, he's given health updates in a cheerful tone—even sharing the only thing that he could enjoy eating during his treatment (which happened to be an Arby's orange cream shake).

In a YouTube video posted at the time of his diagnosis, Berry told fans that he had first noticed symptoms during his 2018 Christmas tour. An ear, nose and throat specialist initially found a tumor on one of his tonsils and subsequently found that it was larger than they had believed, and it had spread.

Berry's publicist told Taste of Country that he faced a five-week course of treatment, adding that his type of cancer has a cure rate of greater than 90 percent.

Berry is best known for his breakout song “Your Love Amazes Me," along with a string of Top 5 hits including "What's in It for Me," "Standing on the Edge of Goodbye" and "She's Taken the Shine." In more recent years he's become known for the much-anticipated Christmas shows that he performs around the country, featuring selections from his many holiday albums.

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